2018 Trolley Street Art Project

Update: Artist Deadline Extended to March 15

The Town of Lloyd Historical Society‘s Summer street art trolley project is well underway. The Trolley’s playful design is by Jim Fawcett of Highland.

Jim Fawcett

Trolleys are “adopted” or sponsored by a business, individual, or group. The sponsor pays to have the trolley molded and its internal and external support structures produced. Sponsor can have their own design, or choose from among designs offered by area artists.

Artists submit an application with their design ideas on paper and if the design is chosen by a sponsor, the artists are given the trolley blank $50 for materials, and a contract and copyright release to sign.

When completed, the trolleys are professionally clear-coated to help weatherproof them and erected this year in the hamlet of Highland. Hopefully, next year in New Paltz as well.

Each trolley will have a plaque giving the sponsor’s identity and the artist’s name. After the trolleys have been erected “on the street” for three-four months, they will be sold at an auction to help fund the restoration of the 1760 Deyo House in Highland.

If a sponsor has put their own logo on the trolley, they pay a premium, as the trolley will be less likely to sell at auction.

For forms to participate: Contact Information: Vivian Wadlin, Viv@abouttown.us