Connecting Oceans / Carleton Mabee

The globe in my New Paltz Campus School fifth-grade class- room clearly showed the Panamanian isthmus; Mrs. Compton, head-enlightener, pointed out that a channel was dug to connect the two oceans. Shipping options increased. Ho Hum.

Not until the book, The Path Between the Seas, by David McCullough, made it onto my reading list that the unrivaled marvel of that canal became apparent. […]



Carleton Mabee (1914-2014)

Carleton was born in Shanghai, China on Christmas Day, 1914, the year the Panama Canal opened and Europe fell into WWI. He died on December 18, 2014, a few days shy of his 100th birthday. Carleton chose to live much of that 99 years in the heart of Ulster County–and in the shadow of the Shawangunks in Gardiner, NY […]



This pictorial layout is presented here as a downloadable PDF file:

Connecting Oceans (PDF)