Special Delivery

Sometimes it’s just the message conveyed by the sender that makes a card special. Here are a few I hope you enjoy.



PM New Paltz, NY July 27 6pm, 1910:

July 27, 1910. -- This house is about two miles further up the river than where I am staying. You go in the tree at the bottom and climb a ladder to get in the house. Some man has a bed in it and sleeps there, they say. -- From Arthur.

tree house postcard


PM 1917 6am, NY:

5/25/17 -- Well, Eddie, old boy. Up here among the pines. Simpler life- Lots of chickens here but with feathers on. Best Regards -- H. Hagen -- c/o 15 'Precinct'      Postcard 1917 6am, NY

(sent to 321 E 5th, NYC)



PM Rosendale Nov 18, 1909, 7am:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello Honey Kid Am well and full of love for you. xxxxxxxxx write soon, Harold.

(with a total of 34 x’s and no o’s with love underlined four times…)


Postcard Rosendale Nov 18, 1909, 7am