The Social Relief Society Welcomes You to Cottekill…

The Inviting Postcard

The bucolic image above is a postcard. Its postal cancellation reads: “Cottekill, N.Y. August 6, 1941, AM.” The Social Relief Society (SRS) advertising text on reverse sets the mood: “The S.R.S. Home is beautifully situated in the Catskill Mountains 900 feet above sea level in Cottekill, Ulster County, N.Y. Reasonable rates. All modern conveniences. Products from our own farm.” 


The Hamlet of Cottekill

At the intersection of Lucas Avenue and Cottekill Road is, not surprisingly, Cottekill—the hamlet. A hamlet is simply a named place without its own governing body (sort of like heaven-on-earth). A hamlet is usually under the jurisdiction of a larger entity, such as a Town or County (so much for heaven). For Cottekill, the governing body is the Town of Rosendale.


This pictorial layout is presented here as a downloadable PDF file:

The Social Relief Society Welcomes You To Cottekill… (PDF)