Timeless Toys

At Vintage Village, Highland, NY

This large room of toys contains much of the collection I began more than 30 years ago. It started with one rusty 1938 Ford pedal car that my father brought home from the Esopus dump in the late 1960s. The pathetic little car was parked outside my father’s garage accumulating more rust until I asked one day what his plans were for it. “Why? You want it?” my father asked.

And so began my ‘other life”–toy collector. I’ve gathered whatever I found interesting. You can take that to mean the collection is not annotated. However, I think you will find something to take you back to your childhood– providing it was sometime between 1900-1955.

Timeless Toys dollsOn display are 17 of the 50+ pedal vehicles in my collection, including the 1938 Ford. You will also find bisque and other dolls; building block sets; tin lithographed windup toys; little kitchen sets, stoves, refrigerators, and kitchen tools; some doll house furnishings; a live steam (yikes! real flame, real steam) factory in its original box; pecking chickens; windup monkeys playing musical instruments, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, combing hair; and other assorted toys mostly made between 1920-1955.

At the same location are the Vintage Times dioramas of the American Family 1600-2000, and the special 2004 Election Year exhibit: First Ladies & Their Presidents, which includes inaugural ball gown replicas & historical campaign memorabilia.


Open seven days 11–5. There is a modest entrance fee covering all of Vintage Times displays, however if you make a purchase at one of the other shops in the Village, the fee is waived. 691-6000