Liquid Assets: A History of New York City’s Water System

Liquid Assets adReprinted At Last!
Liquid Assets: A History of New York City’s Water System by Diane Galusha.
Available now in an expanded edition by Purple Mountain Press of Fleischmanns. The 300-page book, originally published in 1999 as the definitive history of the development of the Big Apple’s three-century search for water for its millions, now includes a 50-page update detailing the many water- shed protection programs, infrastructure projects, conservation measures and other initiatives that have been added since 1997 when the landmark NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement was signed.
The book covers the development of the City’s water system from colonial days to the present, including the displacement of thousands of people and the construction of 24 reservoirs, three primary aqueducts, and several tunnels that today funnel a billion gallons of water each day as much as 120 miles to the faucets of nine million people.
Eight pages of color images are included in this new edition, which appears as the centennial of the introduction of Catskill water to Manhattan approaches.
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